About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

Concept One Medical Centre is a registered frontline health care provider located on the mainland which follows value based world standard principle of practice in Psychiatric rehabilitation and evidence based psychosocial therapies. We attend to common medical conditions and emergencies however; we have a very strong focus on mental health care across the age groups.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a frontline world-class comprehensive health care and community based psychosocial service provider. We have a mission to provide total well being for patients and client’s, while working with their families to achieve the best. The goal is make our patients experience a home away from home, have a place where they never felt so listened to and an unbeatable service at their reach for both clients and patients. Our core values are, hope, respect, compassion, courtesy, human worth, dignity and fairness.

Our Products & Services

Our products and services span across mental health care across all age groups, psychiatric rehabilitation services, outpatient and inpatient (24hours) medical and mental services, wellness alliance centre, drop-in centre, mental health information centre, various psychological interventions for a wide variety of mild, moderate to severe emotional disturbances, family and marital therapy, rehabilitation programs for adults and children, respite care for the elderly, mobile psychiatric rehabilitation and a wide range of neuropsychiatric service for all.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Concept One Medical Centre has the following facilities: outpatient clinic for medical and mental health care and inpatient care (admission), reception to welcome our guest, consultation room and doctor’s office, human resource and admin office, virtual rooms to accommodate both our psychiatric and rehabilitation patients, children rehab playroom, nursing station and changing room, injection room, a standard kitchen, well equipped laundry room, a gym centre and recreational equipments like the table tennis and basket ball court.

It is a place of comfort with quiet, peaceful and serene environment with the highest level of security which promotes rapid recovery. The care given is patient are client-centered and it is individualized as desired.

The C1 road map is to expand our team of experts in such a way that each expert has a fully developed department of its own. We also plan on expanding our facility in such a way that male and female have their different sections and the rehab patients have a place designed solely for rehabilitation which is separate from the psychiatric facility. Increased awareness of the facility in such a way that people come in with common medical emergencies and they are attended to and treated.

Furthermore, a wider web, internet and social media coverage is required to ensure that when mental health and rehabilitation facilities in Lagos are mentioned, Concept One Medical centre will come up among the top. Lastly, intense advocacy to ensure that the public is informed of what we do, the services we offer and where we are located is essential to the growth and development of Concept One Medical Centre.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Patient Testimonials

  • Everything was top notch, i was received with a warm smile and friendly hug. I enjoyed the services rendered!
    Mary Ajose Treated for 2 weeks
  • The atmosphere was calm and welcoming, I enjoyed the services and will surely recommend Concept1Medicals!
    Omoyele Aladejana Visitor
  • I enjoyed myself and I'm okay with the service, I have zero complaints. ?
    Janet Ogbemudia X Patient
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